"Changes Coming to Village of Ruidoso Recycling"
Ruidoso residents and businesses will see changes in the Village’s recycling program in this Fall.
The changes are due to a recently negotiated contract with the Greentree Solid Waste Authority [GSWA], the Village’s new recycling contractor. The new contract is a four year agreement that is expected to reduce garbage contamination of recycled material and significantly increase the amount of recycled material collected in the Village’s 182 blue dumpsters located in neighborhoods and adjacent to Ruidoso businesses. While container locations and residential schedules will change, the reconfigured system will keep residential and commercial recycling costs at their current levels. There is NO change in regard to VOR trash and yard waste collection and pick-up.
A recent study of the Ruidoso recycling system has led to its reorganization. GSWA mapped and evaluated all current container locations and truck collection schedules using the latest GPS technology. The results suggested container removal from many current locations due to lack of use or extensive garbage contamination, and reorganization into centralized recycling centers along major Ruidoso streets. The new locations will also have multiple containers, with single containers for each material currently eligible for recycling. That is, separate blue labeled dumpsters will be available at locations such as the IGA parking lot in the Sierra Mall for newspaper, mixed paper [including paper board], #1 and #2 plastic, aluminum cans, and corrugated cardboard. Collection routes will also be reorganized and possibly reduced to twice weekly except for designated commercial accounts.
Several changes are also anticipated for Ruidoso commercial customers. A number of the existing blue containers will be repaired, many with paint jobs, lid repairs and new signage. Commercial containers will be now for cardboard collection only. Businesses who do not have a cardboard recycling container should contact Greentree and arrangements will be made to ensure delivery of a container, assignment to a pickup schedule and instructions for use.
"Because this is a whole new approach, we want to try and give people more time to prepare and ask questions before upcoming changes in the Fall" said Debra Ingle, GSWA Operational Supervisor. “There will be bill inserts with system use information in the upcoming VOR water bills.” said Jeff Kaplan, Village of Ruidoso General Services Director.
Similar to mining and logging, recycling is a natural resource industry that directs natural resources to material manufacturers. Accelerated recycling also keeps materials out of the Otero/Greentree Landfill, avoiding a typical $550 per full load disposal cost. Instead of landfilling, New Mexico and West Texas companies pickup and purchase clean, baled recycled material at the Greentree Recycling Center for later reuse in industrial processes. Last year, GSWA recycled 3200 tons of recycled material, and avoided paying $135,644 in landfill disposal and hauling cost.
For more information on these changes, log onto the GSWA website at www.greentreeswa.org, the Village of Ruidoso website at www.ruidoso-nm.gov. Or you can contact the Solid Waste Authority office at 378-4697, extension 10; or toll free at 1-877-548-8772; or the Village of Ruidoso Solid Waste Department at 257-1502.
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